February 2023


     Out and About with the Silcott’s


Greetings and gratitude to our prayer warriors. In the month of December my dad, Pastor Ralph Silcott had a stroke that affected his speech and his ability to walk, and he needs care 24/7.   As a result, I left Arizona and headed for South Dakota.  My sister Shirley Johnson and I worked together on my dad’s finances so that we could place him at Clarkson Mt View Health Care Facility in Rapid City. Shirley and I have brought in pictures and items from the house to make him feel more at home in his new surroundings.  Please pray for my dad during this time of transition.


During my stay in Rapid City, I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day with the church in Rapid City, South Dakota and with my sister in Greeley, Colorado.  Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church in Rapid City is still in search for a senior pastor to lead the church into the future.  While I was in Rapid, I helped by filling the pulpit when needed.  The church is praying about calling JS. as their next pastor.   Please pray for Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church and J.S. as they seek God’s Will.


Now that I am back in Arizona, Shirley and I are working at selling tools and belongings that we found in the house.  After all is sold, we will work at putting the house up for sale so we can pay for dad’s care at Clarkson. 


I am also working on our next theme for Vacation Bible School for the summer of 2023.  The Theme will be “Seeking God’s Treasure”, a Quest for Truth.  During the month of March and the first Sunday of April, Jane and I will be presenting this theme for the children’s church at Berean Baptist Church in San Tan Valley, Arizona.  For this summer I still have a few weeks open during the month of August.  Please contact the Silcott Ministries if we can be a blessing to you and your church.


Thank you for your regular prayers and support,


May the Lord bless you as you serve our Savior.


Timothy and Jane Silcott

Prayer Requests


Please Pray

l For America

l  Dad’s Health & Comfort @ Clarkson

l  Salvation for the lost & revival in our churches

l  Future 2023 Summer schedule

l  Safe Travels for Jane and Timothy.

l  Foreign Evangelistic Trips during winter months





l  Safety on the trip back to Arizona.

l  Jane continues to work for a hospice in the metro Phoenix area.

l  Added furniture for our Arizona home.







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