January 2019


Dear Friends,


Jane: Hindsight and Biblesight gives us different perspectives. On January 2, it was our plan to leave Des Moines after ministering at Norwoodville Baptist Church. Unfortunately -- not really without the wisdom we received from doctors the situation could have been very tragic -- fortunately, after Timothy visited an Urgent Care on Monday and a cardiologist on Wednesday, he was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Des Moines on Wednesday, January 2 with A-Fib (atrial fibrillation).. On Thursday, the echocardiogram revealed a blood clot in his heart. On Friday he had a stress test which revealed low heart function and a problem with a valve and possible blockage of his arteries. During the weekend they switched blood thinners, so that he could more safely have an angiogram on Monday. The angiogram verified that Timothy has aorta stenosis (severe narrowing of the mort important valve in his heart). But the good news was that none of his arteries or veins have any blockages. 


Timothy is at home now, but still is an outpatient. During the next two weeks, he has doctor appointments and needs to recover. On the 22nd, he will be meeting with the heart surgeon and the open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve will be scheduled at that time. Although he has A-Fib, a blood clot, low heart function, and aortic stenosis, Timothy has not had a heart attack or stroke. Praise the Lord, He allowed us to discover these problems without an emergency situation. 


We will attempt to keep you updated. Please feel free to text or call me-Jane at 480-510-4803 for up -to-date information. I can also be personally contacted through my personal e-mail: questerjms@yahoo.com


Thank you for your spiritual and financial support. You are co-laborers alongside us.


Timothy & Jane Silcott



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