March 2021


     Out and About with the Silcott’s


Dear Praying Friends,

I have enjoyed serving the Lord as the interim pastor of Florence Baptist Church in Florence, Arizona.  I have been preaching four times a week for the church and three times a week for the Christian School.  On Fridays, Florence Baptist distributes food boxes through its food bank which meets the needs of over 200 people in the surrounding area of the church.

Last Sunday the church asked a pastor from Kentucky to introduce his family, preach at the church, and candidate to be their new pastor.  Please pray for Florence Baptist as they seek God’s Will.  This Sunday, the church will vote, and Lord willing, extend a call for a senior pastor.

Please pray that our motorhome will sell soon.  The goal is to purchase a truck that gets good gas milage and meets the needs of our ministry.  Jane will stay in Arizona as I travel out to Illinois for our COME conference and summer ministry.

I still have weeks open this summer.  Please pray that my schedule will fill up as the Lord so leads.   Covid 19 has posed many questions about my summer schedule.  Will all school-aged children need to attend summer school? Will most states remain closed?  I am willing to serve in any way with Vacation Bible Schools in the evening or early morning. 


Thank you for your regular prayers and support,

May the Lord bless you as you serve our Savior.


Timothy and Jane Silcott




Prayer Requests


Please Pray


  • For America
  • Sale of our Motor Home
  • Purchase of a truck
  • Pastor for Florence, Arizona
  • Safe Travels for Jane as she drives many miles daily for work.





  • Fruitful Ministry in Florence, Arizona
  • Jane continues to work in the metro Phoenix area
  • Jane and I have remained Covid negative this year.
    Because she works in healthcare, she is regularly tested.




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