Glory to God


Dear Friends in Christ,

We praise God for you and your ministry of sustenance in our lives. Your prayers sustain us. Thanks for your faithfulness in bringing us before the Lord in prayers. We give God glory for you.

In November, we remained parked at First Baptist Church in Cumberland, Iowa and ministered there and in other neighboring churches in Murray and Corning. First Baptist in Cumberland was established over 125 years ago and has maintained a faithful gospel witness. It has nurtured missionaries, pastors, and other Christian workers while continuing to reach the surrounding community for Christ. [This month at Park Lane, we met a former pastor’s daughter who remembers as a child when her father pastored at Cumberland.]

Merry Christmas &

a Happy New Year

Murray Baptist in Murray is the first church where Jane’s brother pastored and we give glory to God for the families who have continued in the faith since he ministered there.

In December, we parked at Park Lane Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska and ministered at Calvary Baptist in Pontiac, Illinois (we drove our car there), and in Omaha at Temple Baptist Church, Park Lane Baptist, and Good Shepherd Baptist. Praise God for the provision of Park Lane and several who have professed Christ.

In late November, Caleb asked Angel Pilachai to marry him and they plan to get married on May 12, 2018. We give glory to God as Caleb and Angel begin this next step in their journey of life.

As you celebrate Christmas, glory with us in the provision of God of salvation through Jesus Christ His only begotten Son.



The Silcotts, Timothy, Jane and Caleb


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