November 2017


Go If not here, where? “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” We have been blessed in recent months to come alongside churches who are involved in global outreach. Oakland Baptist in Oakland, Minnesota saw beyond their community of 100 and are reaching the immigrants from Africa and Asia who work in a nearby factory. Faith Baptist Church in Iowa City, Iowa has an established global outreach through reaching international students who are studying at the University of Iowa. Lakeland Baptist Church on a quiet road in northern Minnesota has trained up ambassadors for Christ who are missionaries overseas and pastors and wives here in the States.


Go If not now, when? “. . . behold, now is the day of salvation.” Now is the time when people need to hear the gospel. They need the hope of salvation, the peace of knowing God’s sovereignty and protection, and the joy of His provision. We praise God some have come to profess Christ as Savior in recent months.


Go If not you, who? “. . . and ye shall be witnesses unto me” We praise God for the joy and responsibility to tell others about Christ. As we travel, I talk to the widow alone at McDonald’s and sometimes God helps me to switch the conversation so that I might have the privilege to plant a seed about Christ.


As part of God’s commission, he gives us the blessing of encouraging pastors and their wives in their sacrificial lives of faithfulness to God’s call. In August & September in Wyoming, we were blessed and challenged with the difficult struggle that these pastors, wives, and congregations face in a culture where the majority follow another religion or do not believe there is a god.


Thank you for your role in our going. Your prayers sustain us. When the night is dark, and the miles are long, we rest (well not literally as that would cause an accident) knowing God is watching and that you are praying for us.When we don’t know how to encourage or counsel (and often we don’t), we know God cares for these hurt ones and he will comfort them.

The Silcotts    


Please Pray

  • Souls Saved
  • New Families reached
  • Schedule to Fill for January - May
  • Caleb discernment of God’s will – Grace University is closing in the Spring and he will need to choose where to complete his BA in Music


  • Children saved in VBS
  • Visitors in meetings.
  • Support and Love offerings
  • Safety as we traveled where the deer, the elk and the antelope play on the road
  • A Hedge of Protection on motorhome in Stevens Point through a wind storm that toppled 100s of trees throughout the city (even next door) but not the ones over the motorhome



Caleb’s College Address:

Grace University

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1311 S. 9th Street

Omaha, NE 58108


E-Mail: raywhatbox@gmail.com




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