February 2022


     Out and About with the Silcott’s


Dear Prayer Warriors


While at home I have spent time on three important projects:


First, the selling of our motor home.  With help of a friend in Arizona, we have been able to put down new wood flooring added new faucets and new curtains for the windows and placed a larger TV in the front.  We rented a lot to park the motorhome at “Other People’s Stuff” where they put our home on the market to find a buyer. 


Second, my health as I make appointments with doctors here in Arizona.  My cardiologist in Des Moines, Iowa said that the valve they replaced two years ago was too small and needed to be replaced again.  They referred me to a cardiologist in Arizona for another opinion.  We are praising the Lord that my new doctor in Arizona “vehemently disagrees” that the valve should be replaced and that they should be able to correct the problem with medication.  However, they have done some new tests and have concluded that the valve is restricted. Please keep praying as the cardiologists works with me to solve the restriction. They believe it is a genetic problem. 


Third, the health of my Dad Pastor Ralph Silcott in Rapid City South Dakota.  I was able to fly up and be with him for his surgery to remove an infection that was in the bottom of his left foot.  After surgery he was told that he needed a regiment of IVs to fight the infection.  He would need a treatment that would last over an hour each day for six weeks.  With this diagnosis he would need to be in a nursing home to make sure that he could make each appointment.   After several tests they found out that he also had blood clots in both of his legs.  They did surgery on his left leg and are waiting to do surgery in the future on the right leg before he leaves the nursing home.   The plus to all this is that my dad is in the same nursing home as his wife Loma.  After our motor home sells, I hope to go back to Rapid City and help my dad with some important tasks that need to be finished.


My prayer is to finish all these tasks by May, so that I can attend our COME Conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton, Tennessee.  So far, I have three weeks of camp and one week for a revival meeting in June of 2022.  Praying for God’s leading in my schedule for July, August, and the fall months.


As I work on these three projects, I have been able to fill local pulpits, update churches, and promote Come International Baptist Ministries. 


Thank you for your regular prayers and support,


May the Lord bless you as you serve our Savior.


Timothy and Jane Silcott


Prayer Requests


Please Pray


  • For America
  • Sale of our Motor Home
  • Wisdom for Doctors as they work with Timothy’s heart issues. 
  • Future schedule after finishing projects.
  • Safe Travels for Jane and Timothy.



  • No second Surgery for Timothy’s Heart Valve.
  • Jane continues to work for a hospice in the metro Phoenix area.
  • Dad recovering in Nursing Home with Loma after surgery




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