May 2019


     Out and About with the Silcott’s


Dear Friends,


Timothy: I would like to thank all those who prayed for me while I was in the hospital in January, while I waited for surgery, during my open-heart surgery on February 28 and while I recovered. Last week we enjoyed our annual COME conference in Dayton, Tennessee. Earlier this month, I spoke at Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church in Rapid City, South Dakota. On our way there and as we returned to Des Moines, we visited Caleb and Angel and our new grandson.  Please pray as we will be serving in 4 Vacation Bible Schools and 4 weeks of camp this summer.  

From mid-December through mid-April my heart was in A-Fib.  A nurse explained that our heart has a sinus node that communicates with the heart to slow down when we sit down and to speed up when we walk or run.  A-Fib occurs when a “renegade” node steps in and says that he can do a better job and takes over.  The heart beats faster and although everything gets blood: nothing is working well.  The patient gets tired and short of breath. 

Can you tell where I am going with this?  God is the sinus node and Satan is the renegade node.  Satan said that he could do a much better job than God can and Satan took over putting the world in A-Fib.  Nothing works well in the world because Satan that renegade node is in charge.  We need to kick Satan to the curb and let the Sinus Node (Christ) take charge again.  This will only take place when Christ returns and sits on the throne of David during the Millennium. 


Even so Come, Lord Jesus.

            The Silcotts  
Thank you for your spiritual and financial support. You are co-laborers alongside us.


Timothy & Jane Silcott




Prayer Requests


Please Pray

  • Vacation Bible Schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa
  • 4 weeks of camp in Illinois, Nebraska, and Iowa


  • Asher Ray Silcott our first grandson was born in May. Praise the Lord.
  • Successful heart valve replacement and return to sinus rhythm



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