December 2018


Dear Friends,

The greatest gift we ever received was our salvation. I believed and opened that gift when I was a teenager at camp in New Jersey.  When Jane was four, she opened her gift of salvation also at a Kentucky camp.

Altoona Regular Baptist Church in Iowa, our sending church, is a gift and I was privileged to preach there at the beginning of December. We thank God for them. Our supporting churches are another precious gift. Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Paradise, California. The church building and the homes of most of the members were destroyed in the fire. Our hearts bleed for them.

Serving God through evangelism is another gift that God has given us. After Altoona we made our way to Missouri and Missionary Acres a retirement community for missionaries and other Christian workers. We will be parked here for the three weeks and will be serving in three churches: Foothills Baptist in Hardy, Arkansas; Evangel Baptist in Silva, Missouri; and Cool Springs Baptist Church also in Missouri.  

The Greatest Gift

Our family is a precious God-given gift: our son Caleb and Angel his wife were married on May 12th. We thank God for them both. What a gift! Please pray for Angel-- she is experiencing some health issues as she is excepting their first baby in May of 2019.   

Our parents are a gift. Jane’s parents continue to have good physical and mental health. However, my father Ralph Silcott and his wife Loma are not in good health. 42 years ago, my Dad planted Rapid Valley Faith Baptist Church in Rapid City, South Dakota; because of their health concerns, he has resigned as pastor. As a result, we will be helping them, and I will be serving in a ministry project as interim pastor at Rapid Valley January – May 2019. We are still scheduled for Vacation Bible Schools and camps next summer.

Merry Christmas, Celebrating God’s Gifts,


The Silcott’s, Timothy and Jane





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