August 2018


Jane: Junior High Discovery Hour at Victory Ranch may have been my all-time most embarrassing talk. My theme was don’t break with peer pressure. Everything started out calm and cool. Singing went well: Step by Step, I Cor. 2:5, Psalm 16:11. Then, I taught the Cycle of the Judges and how Samuel obeyed God even with the peer pressure from Eli’s sons and the wickedness of the Jewish people.

Halfway through I put on a bright red apron and became the “Crazy Cook.” I "chopped" up three rubber chickens to add to my soup. Next, I demonstrated how to tell a bad egg from a good egg (the bad will float). Then to illustrate cracking under peer pressure I squeezed one of the bad eggs. I thought the interior would land in the bowl under my hand and lay there and be gross, instead the bad egg erupted 5 feet and the sulphuric black goo hit 5 front row boys.

Never been egging before . . . but cleared those boys out of the room faster than you can say big bad black blast of blecky bilious bleh.


Are you a bad

Egg – would

You crack with

Peer pressure?


I still had 1/2 hour to teach. After Timothy opened the door to air out the room, I completed the lesson on peer pressure by transitioning with this statement: This smell is how God smells our sin when we fall due to peer pressure.

Thank you for your spiritual and financial support. You are co-laborers alongside us. But please watch out for the Crazy Cook.


Serving the Savior,



The Silcotts, Timothy and Jane

Please Pray

  • Souls Saved
  • New Families reached
  • Schedule to Fill for Winter 2019

            Where? When?


  • 44 made professions of faith and many made other decisions during Vacation Bible School and camps.
  • Visitors – new families contacted through VBS
  • Great outreach – many visitors last Saturday in Brawley, California
  • Support and Love offerings
  • Bill Goehring and Kirk Wagner of Victory Ranch replaced the fuel pump on our car. Thanks for their labor.


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