May 2020


     Out and About with the Silcott’s


Dear Praying Friends,

The Corona Virus has deconstructed all our lives.  I have been able to preach through audio in Kingman, Arizona, through recorded video with a small congregation in Tucson, and through live streaming in Washington, Utah.  But moving on to Wyoming and Nebraska was not advisable, nor permitted, because of the quarantine; instead, God had a different plan. 


I, being in the way,

The Lord led me. . .

Gen. 24:27


Once the quarantine is lifted, I (Timothy) will continue on the road in evangelism and as of now Vacation Bible Schools are still being planned. These may be outdoors due to social distancing. But with other secular children’s activities cancelled, this opening may be an ideal moment to give the message of salvation to these children and their families.

Jane has been offered a job in Arizona. She will be working for long-time friends of ours. The logistics are still being worked out.  We also found a home at a great price.


The motorhome has been costing us a lot of money in repairs each month. In Kingman we had to repair an air valve; in Mesa, the windshield; in Texarkana, an air leak; and in Goshen, Indiana, a heat register. Each repair is generally $1,000 + . While God has always, and will always provide for his children, He does ask us to be wise and at this time we realize that we need to sell the motorhome.

Years ago, we were challenged to pray about centering our ministry in the Phoenix metro area. At that time we would have been part of a ministry church-planting team and we would support these churches with evangelistic outreach, both through children’s meetings and adult seminars. Although the team did not come to fruition, we have continued to pray about this idea. Please pray that God will open doors for encouraging and supporting the church-planting endeavors and the established churches in this area.

As my father has aged, we have looked for a means to store the multitude of object lessons he has personally made. These are the ones that I use when I speak, but he has made many more. He also has purchased and used missions’ stories for children’s ministry. These are similar to flannel graph, but the individual pieces are made of felt and hand-painted with oil paints and are about 1 -3 feet in size. These were investments for souls and both the object lessons and these stories are priceless.   

Increasingly, I have been asked to minister overseas in evangelism and these changes will allow me the opportunity to serve in this manner. Last year, when God allowed me to recover fully from open heart surgery and valve replacement, we believed that God had great things planned for our ministry and we believe that these changes will enable them.


The Silcotts, Timothy and Jane



Prayer Requests


Please Pray

  • Summer Outreach
  • VBS preparation
  • Sale of Motorhome
  • Adjustments with Ministry and Location Change





  • Opportunities to serve in church plants
  • New Home



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