September 2023


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Greetings and thanks to our prayer warriors in the ministry of evangelism.  The day after our missions conference in Pierceton, Indiana I became very sick.  I was very weak and tired and was not able to attend any of our family gatherings.   After flying home Jane took me to the hospital where I stayed from June 2 – 8, 2023. I had pneumonia. The doctors sent me home with some strong antibiotics.  Feeling better I was able to speak at Elliot Road Baptist church in Mesa, Arizona for their VBS from June 18 – 22.


After VBS I was scheduled to leave for Arkansas for my next meeting.  But God had other plans and I ended up in the hospital again from June 25 – 28, 2023 with sepsis, bacteria in my blood.  The Infectious Disease Doctor sent me home with different antibiotics to kill the bacteria.  After the antibiotics were finished, I again developed sepsis and returned to the hospital. I spent from July 13 – 15 at Banner Ironwood, and then July 15 – 26, 2023 at Banner Heart in Mesa. I was transferred to Banner Heart, because of the level of care needed for my heart.


To prevent reoccurance, I’ve had 6 weeks of IV antibiotics (at home, Jane administered it 4 weeks through a PICC line in my arm.)  Currently, I am finishing the prescription of oral antibiotics.


I will finish the oral medication on September 13th.  On September the 18 I will go back to the doctor for a blood culture to make sure that the bacteria is all gone.  Then on September 22, 2023 I go back to the hospital for Doctor Maxwell to perform open heart surgery.  They are telling me that my first heart valve replaced in Des Moines Iowa in March of 2019 is too small and that they need to replace it with a larger valve.  Dr. Maxwell is going to replace my aortic valve with a Medtronic Freestyle Aortic root prosthesis implant.  The Dr. has told me that I am a perfect candidate for this surgery.  Please pray for us for strength as we seek God’s healing hand.


Jane: This year has been a faith journey, I didn’t ask to travel. The beginning of this year God allowed me to have extra time with my family in Indiana, as weather and the airline lengthened my stay. I praise God He brought this time to pass. During the month prior, my brother had begun exhibiting disturbing symptoms, but his healthcare providers were not able to determine the cause. Finally, the day before Easter, he was diagnosed with cancer. The next day as we drove to church, I was convicted -- do I really believe in the resurrection. God reminded me – my faith is not empty, the grave is empty, I can trust our God.


In May, God brought the 10 commandments to my mind. We had completed serving through children’s church at Berean Baptist Church in San Tan Valley, Arizona and I again taught the 10 commandments with the children. Number 1 and 2, God is God and I can have no other gods before him that day I prayed God may You alone be glorified and I want your will for my brother and our family.


June as Timothy began his hospital stays, God reminded me. God lets us borrow our loved ones, but they belong to God first of all. During those months, Jim was aggressively seeking treatment for the cancer. But during Timothy’s 2nd hospital stay, Jim’s prognosis worsened.


Many people prayed that God would give my brother a miraculous recovery. On July 9, God reminded me that the greatest miracle is the miracle of the resurrection. That day, Pastor Jim, my brother, breathed his last breathe on earth and his first breathe in heaven. Please pray for our family. Please pray for Bethel Baptist Church – God gave Jim the privilege of ministering alongside them for 20 years. Please pray as they begin to seek God’s will for another pastor. Jim served the volunteer fire department for over 20 years, please pray that these men will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Jim served the local community as a coach and umpire, please pray that the families who saw Christ through Jim will seek after the one true God.


(While I was in Indiana, Timothy was admitted into the hospital. During the visitation, I received the call that Timothy would need another open heart surgery for another valve replacement. )


Thank you for your regular prayers and support,

May the Lord bless you as you serve our Savior.

Timothy and Jane Silcott

Prayer Requests


Please Pray

l Salvation for the lost & revival in our churches

l  Timothy's surgery - that God will be glorified.

l  Jane - safe travels each day as she drives many miles 100+each day, discernment in speech and actions.





l  Jane continues to work for a hospice in the metro phoenix area.

l  Nurses, both at hospital and through home health.







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