Rawley was my first ventriloquist partner given to me by my parents for my Christmas and Birthday gift in 1983.  My Mother Lylia Silcott saved up her babysitting money so that she could purchase Rawley for me and a home course in ventriloquism.  On Christmas break from Bible College, I worked on this course and was able to tell my first story,  Jonah and the Great Fish for my dad's Awana Club.  The experience taught me that God can use me.


Rawley likes dressing up in his tux so that he can impress the girls.  His favorite stories are "Jonah and the Great Fish" and the story of "David and Goliath". 


Began:  December 25, 1983


Randy joined the Silcott Ministries in May of 1990 to help Rawley in the ministry. Randy is fun loving and enjoys the outdoors.  He likes keeping frogs in his pocket so that he can tease the girls.  Randy's favorite stories are "Gidian and his Victory" and "Samson".


Randy also tells stories together with Rawley like "One of the Greatest Men in the Bible" and "Obedience" -the account of the Children of Isreal and the Golden Calf.  Randy also assists Rawley at Christmas time as they help me tell the Christmas Story. 

Began:  May 20, 1990


Rodney is known as a knee pal with added features like blinking eyes and a fun-loving wink that brings a laugh or two from the audience.  Rodney enjoys reading books and coming up with important facts to add to our stories.  He likes doing math in his head to impress people with his great knowledge.


Rodney's favorite stories are "Daniel and the Lion's Den" and "Noah and the Flood."  Rodney can tell you how long the ark was in feet after hearing the dimensions in cubics.  He says that he knows this because he is "no dummy."  He enjoys singing songs at the end of his story to emphasize the truth of God's Word.


Began: October 15, 1996


Rosie likes to let everyone know that she is a beautiful girl. Rosie likes to help me tell stories like "Ruth" who was beautiful, not only on the outside, but also on the inside.  Rosie challenges the audience that we should strive to have a relationship with the Lord that makes us beautiful on the inside.  She also likes the story of Haggai as he challenged the Children of Isreal to rebuild the temple of the Lord.  So many people today are living in spiritual ruin just like the temple in Hagggai's day. 


Rosie is still learning to sing so one day she can sing songs at the end of her stories.  She also has a desire to help tell stories with her friend Rodney.


Began:  December 15, 2008



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